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Ep. 23.01: The International Community With Daniel Chaffey

Daniel Chaffey, International Director for CrossFit, LLC sits down with Stephane Rochet (CF-L3) to discuss the development and growth of affiliates around the world. Daniel also discusses the roles of CrossFit’s Country Managers in the community and how they support CrossFit Affiliates.

CrossFit Podcast Ep. 18.32: Ricardinho Prudente

Ricardinho Prudente is the CrossFit HQ liaison for the country of Brazil. He is also part of the CrossFit Seminar Staff.

“Why CrossFit?” Sevan asks.

Notable mentions:
Greg Glassman, Daniel Chaffey, Stephane Rochet, Zach Forrest, Miranda Oldroyd, Nuno Costa, CrossFit Invictus, Punk CrossFit, Chuck Carswell, Lisa Ray, Dave Castro, Nicole Carroll, Cherie Chan, Austin Malleolo, Ben Bergeron.

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